Meet Haley.

Freezing snippets of time for you to treasure forever.

I am a 23-year-old photographer based out of a super small town in Western Kentucky. I'm a sucker for love and emotion -100% one of those people who cries during movies. My passion for capturing love stories has grown tremendously over the years. I've always been one to notice the in-between moments and details when people don't realize anyone is paying attention.

Aside from photography, my baby girl and my husband are my whole world! I love being outside in the summer evenings, watching a good sunset and being with my family.  I am a blessed woman, and I thank God every day for the things I have and the people in my life I love.

Being married and having a baby so young has allowed me to really understand how important documenting life is. My wedding photos and my girl's newborn photos are absolutely priceless. I strive to capture memories like those for others so they will always clearly remember what their lives were like in those stages. This ability to document stories is everything I could ever ask for.

Equipped and Ready For You.

I fell in love with photography in 2018. Getting my first camera after months of researching gear, styles, and editing, I taught myself the art of using light to capture people in their truest forms.

From 2020-2022 while getting my bachelor's degree, I was in WKU's Photojournalism program, learning from the top professors and photographers in the country. Here I honed my skills and truly learned the foundations of storytelling. I use that education to bring a documentary style to my work.

I understand, I promise.

It isn't always easy to get in front of the camera. As a plus-size woman with my own insecurities, I know it is SCARY! Trust me, though, I am here to make you feel your absolute best. Hiring me means you are receiving a judgment-free and uplifting session with someone who understands.

I use prompting to create authentic and natural movement, so there is no pressure for you to know how to "pose." Throw that away, and show up ready to have the easiest and most freeing experience!

What you see as imperfections, someone else sees the opposite. You are your worst critic, and it is my job to show you just how amazing you are. And I promise, you are worth it!

Don't let your doubts keep you from having those memories with the ones you love. I got you!